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Creative Food Art by Sarah Illenberger
Creative Food Art by Sarah Illenberger

This is General Design Project: a project in design that is general

First, it is a project more than anything: ‘company’ or ‘business’ is neither appropriate, nor explanatory. GDP is an effort. Individual or collaborative, GDP takes part in enterprises that are carefully planned and designed to achieve particular aims.

Second, it is in design, and not art. Art is fine, but at GDP we accept art and design can cover/exclude each other indefinitely, sometimes or not at all. For GDP, design is “purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object”.

Third, it is general. GDP deals with a variety of phenomena. General: “affecting or concerning all or most people, places, or things; not specialised or limited in range of subject, application, activity, etc.”

So, back to the tautology: this is General Design Project, which, by definition, is a general design project. The aim is to get together and build things, places, messages. From scratch or build upon existing structures. Build ideas or tangibility. Build now or plan to in the future.

The premiss

Bad design or the lack of proper design affects users, designers, products and communities, then in turn, society in general and the planet. GDP comprises designers and users working uninterruptedly on open source projects with a view to observing the results after completion of the design and production work. Continual feedback and evaluation mechanisms after the launch of a product or service enables GDP to monitor the phases into which the project enters. Other vital aspects of the general design work reveal themselves at various stages.


GDP aims to be as broad as possible. Three main areas:

things: products
places: architecture
messages: graphics
(borrowed from the subtitle of Norman Potter‘s book)
GDP’s design work feeds from people involved in art, politics, philosophy, science.

The agenda

There are six projects applicants may choose to be involved in:

  • ‘I wanna go faster’ bike
  • ‘Two samosas at ninety degrees’ lighting series
  • ‘Allow me’ stirrer
  • ‘Limited Edition’ magazine
  • ‘Jutty’ garden furniture range
  • ‘Paddy’ padder

Contains stimulants. No refunds. No funds. No worries.

Next Step

A meeting is to take place soon. If you would like to attend, let us know.

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